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Persian Carpets

The craft of carpet weaving has a long and eventful history and, due to varying local circumstances, it
has had a different story in each country. In Iran this art has a unique and continuous record, going back thousands of years. Carpet weaving is not only an art or craft but should also be considered an important part of Iranian culture and tradition.
Such long history and tradition combined with love and passion has created some of the most fabulous carpets ever made.
The main characteristic of Persian Carpets and rugs that distinguishes them from others is the soul and life that one can feel and see in them. This phenomenon is created due to the way such carpets are made.
Carpets in Iran are generally made by individual weavers who weave them at home and mostly not to sell but rather to show their art and sometimes love. Thus every Persian carpet is a reflection of the weaver’s character.
When an object of art is created based on ancient tradition, love and passion, the result is quite different from the situation where carpets are woven solely based on commercial objectives.
Thus every Persian carpet has a soul and personality that is unique and different from others and that is what makes them what they are;

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